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Paul Dupuis paul at
Tue Aug 10 16:18:28 EDT 2021

Thank you. mouseRelease is perfect for what I need.

The specific app I am working in sends a crap load of messages - 
constantly - as part of it's functions. Using the message watcher is 
practically useless unless I took the time to filter out all the 
existing messages I am not looking for.

Thank you!

On 8/10/2021 3:12 PM, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode wrote:
> You can use the Message Watcher to see. For your needs, you'll get 
> mouseDown and mouseRelease, as well as mouseStillDown, mouseEnter, 
> mouseLeave, and some others you probably don't care about.
> On 8/10/21 1:44 PM, Paul Dupuis via use-livecode wrote:
>> I have a list field with a number of lines that do not fill the whole 
>> height of the field, so a user can click in the empty part of the 
>> field below the last line with content
>> When someone does click in the empty area of the field below the last 
>> line, I am not seeing messages I would expect sent to the field. For 
>> example, no 'mouseUp' is being sent. I get the expected 'mouseUp' if 
>> the user clicks on any line that have content, but not in the space 
>> in the field after the last line of content?
>> Without me trying every possible message, does anyone KNOW what a 
>> field does get sent if you click on a part of the field with no content?
>> For example the field is sized to allow 10 lines visible, but only 
>> has 3 lines:
>> Item One
>> Item Two
>> Item Three
>> The field is set to List Behavior, Multiline Hilites, Non-contigious, 
>> and Click to Toggle (Autohilite is NOT checked)
>> If I click on lines 1, 2, or 3, I get the mouseUp I expect
>> If I click below line 3 I get no museUp - this last case is what I am 
>> asking about? Whould a mouseUp be sent? If not what messages are sent?
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