Slightly OT - Liquid volume measurement (was Is there an issue with beep on IOS)

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Sun Aug 8 13:16:01 EDT 2021

David/Bill/et al, my challenge was accurately filling bottles of wine (draining them never has been a problem !!).  For a long time I tried to get LC to communicate with external hardware and finally gave up when I found the joy of the Arduino, and more recently the Raspberry Pie Pico.  For liquid volume measurement take a look at this,

….and it’s only an intro on what wonders you can use these devices for.  They are very inexpensive and the Arduino IDE is very simple.  If you go the Pico route you can also use Python.

best, Bob...

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> If you develop an app to measure the water volume for a drip system, I?d be interested. Mine are all on timers, so I don?t need to know that, but the amount of water going through would be good to know.
> Dave

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