M1 Mac mini for LC: First Impressions

Curry Kenworthy curry at pair.com
Mon Aug 2 09:26:49 EDT 2021


 > Very good to see this thoughtful list
 > of your reactions and feelings.

Glad you liked it!
I'll do a follow-up in a few weeks.

Yes, "feelings" are wonderful ...
Especially the kind measured
to the nearest millisecond.
Those are my kind.

LiveCode felt that my M1 Mac
was NNNN ms slower than my i5 PC,
on the same task/code/data.

(A hard fact, not an impression.)

 > rather promising for the future. :-O

I certainly hope so! The flip side is:
a bit less promising for the present,
but I had very modest expectations.

Quite glad it worked at all! No glitches.
That in itself was cause for great joy.
(Huge smile on my face that day.)

 > It will be fascinating to see how
 > performance improves with a native
 > Apple silicon build of LC

Yep, native code would help.
Roughly equal, I'd say in the meantime,
for the two chips in question;
yet the i5 wins in the current setup.

(Easy to guess which machine is still my primary.)

Just as importantly, this was only 1 test
so it's not a comprehensive comparison.
But a good test nonetheless.

It will be interesting as they develop.
Look lively, may the best chip win! ;)

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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