Converting from unicode to ASCII

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Thu Sep 24 11:57:33 EDT 2020

It's all automated already except for the uploading. The file organization 
on AWS is complex and the stacks don't all go in the same place.

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> For an ongoing need like that on a substantial project, I'd automate it:
> She works on her master copy, then presses a button.  Done.
> The button saves the stack, copies it to the munged name, and uploads it
> for her, even verifying the integrity of the upload afterward (machines
> don't mind the extra work).
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> J. Landman Gay wrote:
>> On 9/23/20 1:26 PM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
>>> My only suggestion was to change how the existing munger works to satisfy 
>>> the two problem areas
>>> identified: that names not be too long, and that any munger not remove so 
>>> many characters as to
>>> make the file name non-unique or empty.
>> There's one more consideration though. The file name must be recognizable 
>> so that it can be
>> replaced or updated on the server easily by a human. Hashes, UUIDs, html 
>> entity numbers, HEX,
>> etc. would all be workable if that weren't the case.
>> But consider the case where my client has made a few edits to the text in a 
>> stack and wants to
>> replace the existing one. With descriptive names, the file is easy to find 
>> in the AWS bucket.
>> But comparing long sequences of indecipherable text is cumbersome.
>> I'm drifting toward the idea of removing non-ascii characters. That might 
>> satisfy all
>> requirements, at least for now. We don't do Sanskrit or Chinese yet. Or 
>> alternately I could
>> bite the bullet and convert my build tool to insert metadata into the 
>> clickable lists. That
>> isn't terribly difficult, I was just wondering if there was a different way 
>> using what we
>> already have.
>> Devin, Paul and Scott suggested variations on the "removal" approach. I 
>> haven't tested much,
>> but it looks like converting to UTF8 will quickly remove any non-ascii 
>> characters. Duplication
>> of file names is unlikely given the way various product files are 
>> separately stored on AWS.
>> But I'm still pondering. When I first asked the question, I wondered if 
>> there was a quick way
>> to do what I want, though I didn't expect much. What I got back from this 
>> amazing list is a
>> wealth of ideas and a very interesting discussion.
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