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Wed Sep 23 09:21:59 EDT 2020

If it is placed in a library that is distributed with the IDE, then you wouldn’t need to worry about the LCB side of it.

If it is easy enough to translate a path in the compile code, LCB wouldn’t be needed at all.  I just didn’t spend enough time to figure it out.

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> Hi Brian,
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>> It doesn’t require an actual file, just an XML document.  
> yes, I understood that already. 8-)
>> I posted LCB code to convert the SVG path to what is needed for the compile.  It will require an engine change or LCB to get the path translated to remove top/left extra space.
>> I think the best way would be to update one of the LCB libraries to include my handler and the add a handler to the drawing library that uses it to do the compile.
>> Now that I’m writing/thinking, it might could be done inside the LCB code with a call to the compile script.
> Thank you, but LCB is still a complete mistery to me and that ain't gonna change in the near future...
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>>> FYI:
>>> I just created an enhancement request to make drawingSVGCompile also work
>>> internally with a widget: <>
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>>>> Hi Brian,
>>>>>> Am 22.09.2020 um 05:38 schrieb Brian Milby via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
>>>>> Here's a link to the post in the archives:
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