Converting from unicode to ASCII

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Tue Sep 22 22:58:51 EDT 2020

Combining responses:

"NormalizeText" always returns unicode for all four of its variations, so no go. And as Paul 
pointed out, if the language is Chinese, deleting all non-ascii characters would leave nothing. 
On the other hand, we are only converting to Roman languages right now, so this might be a good 
option for a while.

> Is this just a temporary filename (not long-term storage)? 

No, the stacks are uploaded to AWS and remain there, retrieved from the server on request. 
There are currently hundreds of them with more added frequently. That's why I'm looking for a 
solution that doesn't involve changing all the file names, because renaming and re-uploading 
all those files would be way too much work.

I hadn't thought about HEX or base64. Those might be options. It would involve more work on my 
client's end though, as she'd need to run each file through a name conversion before uploading.

Still thinking about this.

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