Converting from unicode to ASCII

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How about converting the non ascii characters into to base 64 ascii? This could produce really long filenames. I guess you could truncate if needed. Also the filename would make no sense at all if it was all non ascii.

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I have a stack with an index. When a user clicks a line, a handler uses the clicktext to create a file name which is always the clicktext plus the ".livecode" extension. The stack is then downloaded from an AWS server and displayed.

We are now translating some stacks to other languages which require unicode text. AWS recommends not using accented characters in file names, so we need to translate the clicktext into plain ASCII.

Is there a good way to do that without using a lookup table or metadata? The file names doesn't need to make sense syntactically. For example,

    l’Académie française -> lAcademiefrancaise.livecode

...or similar, whatever works. The user will never see the file name.

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