Mouse messages in scrollers

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Sun Sep 20 16:17:36 EDT 2020

Scott, did you ever figure this out? When are you capturing the mouse locations? If I remember 
right, they are accurate if you store them on mouseDown.

I meant to reply sooner but the email got lost in a barrage for a while.

On 9/15/20 8:30 PM, scott--- via use-livecode wrote:
> on mobile (just iOS at the moment) I’m trying to not only register a horizontal swipe in a UIScroller but to calculate the line in the field under the scroller so that I can perform a delete action. I can get the swipe but… while these calculations seem to work fairly well in the IDE, not so much in the simulator.  both the mouseH and the mouseLoc report a value but when I check it during scrollerDidScroll the X value is always 0 and the Y value is always the bottom of the screen… which of course is not particularly helpful. Am I doing something wrong or is this just not available when a scroller is under the “mouse”? Setting delayTouches and canCancelTouches to false doesn’t appear to change anything.

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