sudo apt-get install livecode

Paul Dupuis paul at
Mon Sep 14 09:04:16 EDT 2020

On 9/13/2020 10:39 PM, Eric A. Engle via use-livecode wrote:
>   I just get tired of downloading the silly installer app etc. why isn't it in a repo?
> any way i will google it but if there is a terminal command line interface set of commands which will gksudo aptitude livecode OR SIMILAR please tell me

It probably isn't in a 'repo' because I, like probably a number of other 
people on this list who use LiveCode a lot, have no idea what 'gksudo 
aptitude livecode' is other than probably some Linux commands.

I'd much rather download and run the installer than need to learn some 
more esoteric commands to install the software.

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