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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Sep 2 12:19:52 EDT 2020

Mike Kerner wrote:

 > there isn't any reason why we can't have a fork of the ide that
 > doesn't sit around waiting for themuns to say "ok".

I've considered this myself, but maintaining something as complex as 
LC's IDE is no small task.  In fact, I'm finding it less time consuming 
to replace portions as I need them than to prowl around in that complex 

But even if someone had the time for to maintain a fork of the IDE (and 
you might get some assistance on that from others if you do), engine 
pull requests would still be in queue with the mother ship.  Few in our 
community have the C++ skills to do serious work on the engine, and the 
GPL license would make using such a community project a non-starter for 
most license holders.

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