Looping though a numerically indexed array

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Nope you have to sort them NUMERIC. As you said this is the only way I know of. I do this all the time. I don't know of any other way.

put the keys of tMyArray into tKeys
sort lines of tKeys numeric
repeat for each line tKey in tKeys

-- do what you want with tMyArray[tKey]
-- this line will put the array data in the message box (assuming there is no other sub keys in each numeric array entry).
put tMyArray[tKey] into tMyVar

end repeat

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I’m pretty sure there must be a way to efficiently loop through numerically indexed arrays

Repeat for each key and repeat for each element does not seem to sort the keys in numeric order,. Of course I can get the keys and sort them before repeating - but is there a more efficient way?
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