Plotting Equations that Bifurcate

Alex Tweedly alex at
Thu Oct 29 19:06:56 EDT 2020

remember that a blank line in the 'points' (aka the vertexlist) is not 
drawn - therefore you can put each of the branches as a subset of 
points, with a blank in between


e.g. two Y values for each X, in a single graphic ...

repeat with i = 1 to N
     put N,2*n &CR after t1
     put N,3*n &CR after t2
end repeat
set the points of grc "L1" to t1 &CR & t2

On 29/10/2020 22:03, Roger Guay via use-livecode wrote:
> I am trying to plot an equation that bifurcates by setting the points of a polygon as I iterate the equation. But I can’t figure how to handle the bifurcation. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
> Roger
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