DG outcomes on desktop vs mobile

Phil Davis phil at pdslabs.net
Fri Oct 23 02:43:57 EDT 2020

I'm building an iPad app that reads a bunch of files into an array and 
then sets the dgData of a form DG to that array. The array is 
well-formed for DG use. After setting the dgData of the DG, the result 
is empty. Only one problem: the DG now contains no data. (I also tried 
setting the dgText of the DG to a flat version of the same data and got 
the same outcome.)

I can then create another array from custom property data and set the 
dgData of the same form DG to that array and it works.

On the desktop, however, the same DG loading process never fails.

The data being loaded is all text - nothing esoteric.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can find & fix the problem(s)? Or have 
you run into this before?

Thank you -
Phil Davis

Phil Davis

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