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Plugins are just normal stacks that appear in the plugins folder. When you 
open the stack, which opens automatically  and invisibly on startup in this 
case, it will just sit there. It needs an activation handler, which can be 
on openstack or opencard or whatever is appropriate. Add whatever you need 
it to do in one of those handlers.

In the plugin manager you'll see a list of special "rev" messages. This is 
an alternate way to trigger the actions the plugin should perform. Instead 
of using an openCard or preOpenCard handler, you can select the 
revPreOpenCard message from the list. That message will be sent to the 
plugin when it opens and if you have a handler in the stack with that name, 
it can perform the activities it needs to do.

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On October 16, 2020 12:16:25 AM John McKenzie via use-livecode 
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> Never mind, I got the plugin to appear in the list in the plugins
> dialogue window.
> I selected it, set it to "LiveCode starts up" and "Invisible". Quit
> the IDE and restarted it. Nothing happens.
> Typing each command into the message box affects things though. I can
> kind of work with doing that while I try to find out the connection
> between the OS interface settings and Livecode reading them (if it
> does).
> One big issue still is the text on the drop down menus remains the
> same size. If anyone happens to know which file controls that I would
> be glad to hear the details. At some point I may scale each one of them
> one at a time until I discover what it is, if any. Maybe the font size
> is not even controlled by a stack script.
> Thanks for the help all that posted.
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