Interface Resolution

John McKenzie davros at
Fri Oct 16 01:14:29 EDT 2020

 Never mind, I got the plugin to appear in the list in the plugins
dialogue window.

 I selected it, set it to "LiveCode starts up" and "Invisible". Quit
the IDE and restarted it. Nothing happens.

 Typing each command into the message box affects things though. I can
kind of work with doing that while I try to find out the connection
between the OS interface settings and Livecode reading them (if it

 One big issue still is the text on the drop down menus remains the
same size. If anyone happens to know which file controls that I would
be glad to hear the details. At some point I may scale each one of them
one at a time until I discover what it is, if any. Maybe the font size
is not even controlled by a stack script.

 Thanks for the help all that posted.

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