Big Sur hangs when printing

Marty Knapp martyknappster at
Thu Oct 8 20:15:29 EDT 2020

I just installed the latest beta of Big Sur and if you attempt to print from LC (either in the IDE or a Mac standalone) it will hang, requiring a force quit. It was working OK in the previous beta. I’ve had several customers report the same issue. This is making me really nervous as I would guess the Big Sure release is going to be here very soon. I have a mission critical app with printing as an absolute necessity. Try it for yourself - create a stack in the LC IDE and then try to print the card. The print dialog never appears and it will hang. I was able to successfully print from a couple of Apple apps with no problem.

I have filed bug #22930 and attached a few system logs but have not heard anything back. I don’t know enough about error logs to know if the issue is with LC or the OS beta.


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