Changing text properties in a field via the IDE

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue May 19 13:53:12 EDT 2020

Graham Samuel wrote:

 > To an ordinary LC developer, if you can change the properties of the
 > initial text (to a different size for example) without overtly
 > selecting it, then the same behaviour can be expected from the IDE
 > when trying to change text you’ve pasted in. It may or may not be
 > styled, but the confusing part is that selecting the text in the
 > Object Inspector has no effect...

I just tried this recipe:

1. Paste styled text into a field
2. Choose pointer tool
3. Double-click the field to open the Inspector
4. In the Inspector, navigate to the Text pane
5. In that pane, select text, then type Ctrl-B

RESULT: Both the styled text in the Inspector and the styled text in the 
field being inspected updates the contents to show the portion I'd 
changed to bold.

Is that not working there?

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