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Sat May 16 10:48:53 EDT 2020

This is not to answer my own question, but to emphasise the apparent difficulty of getting this aspect of creating an iOS app right just by using just LC and a reasonable graphics editor on a Mac. It means to me that a lot of careful instructions need to be provided by somebody in the LC universe, since the policy (I sincerely hope!) is to get LC developers to avoid getting deep into XCode. I found this, which frankly scares me.

 Can anyone help me to a less nerdy way of getting this right? I don’t even know what a storyboard is!


> On 16 May 2020, at 00:40, Graham Samuel via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> I see that the iOS Standalone Settings have changed in this version, no doubt to accommodate Apple’s new rules. One is required to provide six images as “Launch Images” under the “Splash” tab. It seems that there’s an image, a 2x image and a 3x image, and then another three for dark mode.
> There is no tooltip to suggest how large these images should be - in previous versions they had to be tailored to different device screen sizes. Now it seems anything goes, or does it?
> Can anyone explain what the dimensions of these images are supposed to be? Does “2x” just mean twice the original size in each direction or what? Can’t see anything in the release notes, but maybe I wasn’t paying attention.
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