Anyone willing to share a basic webpage template for LC HTML5 apps?

Terry Judd terry.judd at
Wed May 13 22:39:30 EDT 2020

Hi - I've got a couple of HTML5 apps that I want to deploy to students at my uni and was wondering if anyone had a fairly basic starting webpage that I could use rather than the one that LC generates automatically.

If possible I'm looking to lose  the elements in the top section (LC logo, resize canvas and lock/hide mouse pointer checkboxes and the fullscreen button) and just retain a basic download indicator. There is also a debug? section that appears below the canvas that I would like to remove if possible.

My actual HTML skills are rudimentary at best so I'm reluctant to try editing the LC generated html file and the 'skeleton' page that is mentioned in the HTML5 deployment guide (via the dictionary) seems a bit too basic as it has no loader.

If anyone has a template page that they would be willing to share I'd be very grateful.

BTW, I have a HTML5 license so I think I'm ok to drop off the LC logo and links.



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