Recommended (simple) Linux distro for Livecode server home dev/test?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat May 9 14:59:14 EDT 2020

Keith Clarke wrote:
 > Hi folks,
 > Which distro(s) would you recommend for a Linux newbie as the easiest
 > way to repurpose an old PC, Mac Laptop or Mini to host Livecode Server
 > for lightweight ‘LAMP/LAML' dev/test dabbling?
 > I’ve never had a Linux desktop machine and server-wise, never had to
 > delve below C-Panel & WHM on hosted VPS Linux environments - so am
 > very much the newbie on this.

Ubuntu, without question.

There many great distros, and I don't think there is a single "best". 
But Ubuntu has by far the largest installed base, so most of the 
tutorials and other support materials you'll find are written with 
Ubuntu in mind.

This is especially true on servers. Heck, even on Microsoft's Azure 
cloud ecosystem. Ubuntu is the leading OS.



You may change later; some folks like to distro-hop often. But the vast 
range of support materials makes Ubuntu the go-to starting point for 
getting into Linux.

 > Hardware specs would be useful, too - to gauge how far back on the
 > cupboard to reach to source an appropriate box!

You can check the requirements at the site, but you probably don't need 
to worry about it.  If it's for a sever you won't need the GUI desktop 
edition, and it's the desktop where requirements tend to be much higher. 
  There's a flavor of Ubuntu for everything from Raspberry Pi to 
supercomputing clusters - you should have no trouble finding one for 
your old PCs. The Server edition should get you up and running on just 
about any machine made in the last 10 years or more.

If you want a GUI desktop edition and have an old machine that's a bit 
underpowered for Ubuntu, there's a lightweight flavor you can use:

Lubuntu is the leanest Ubuntu flavor I've tried.  It's been running on 
my desk almost continuously for the last decade, downloading, collating, 
and posting data for the info you see in LiveNet (see the GoLiveNet 
plugin in LC's Plugins menu).

I prefer Ubuntu's Gnome Shell for my main workstation, but on 
lower-powered machines I've been impressed with how efficiently Lubuntu 

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