on-rev server upgrade-related problems

Phil Davis phil at pdslabs.net
Thu May 7 03:17:42 EDT 2020

Has anyone had part or all of an on-rev server-based system stop working 
since the server upgrades a month or so ago?

My client has an on-rev.com-based training system. Training delivery is 
via web browser, and that part continues to work. But there are several 
desktop apps that provide training development, management and real-time 
monitoring. All of those apps became non-functional as soon as the 
upgrades were done, and remain so. I haven't been able to figure out how 
to restore functionality.

Robin in on-rev support has been very helpful, but we still don't have a 
solution. This is the bug report:


I wouldn't wish this on anyone, but in a way I'm hoping it isn't just us.

Thanks -
Phil Davis

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