OT: Need some offlist help with PHP-SQL

toolbook at kestner.de toolbook at kestner.de
Tue May 5 09:16:00 EDT 2020



I have some LC front end software, calling PHP scripts going on a SQL db.

The PHP scripts are not made by me and they are about 10 years old. I have
to upgrade the PHP version on the webserver of my hosting provider from 7.1
to 7.4 and within my test environment I am getting some PHP errors when
testing with 7.4. Probably the issue is only a very small syntax thing with
missing parentheses or something like that, but I am not good enough in PHP
to find the issue.

If you are willing to help me updating my PHP scripts to 7.4, please give me
a note offlist. I would also like to pay for your work!

Thank you!






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