Most obscure HC question

Colin Holgate colinholgate at
Sat May 2 19:04:58 EDT 2020

I fear that the HyperCard group in Yahoo may be lost. Please let me know if that isn’t true.

But between you all you may remember something that will help me. I have a standalone HC application, and it opens with a window that shows that you are only seeing part of the card window. The card window doesn’t resize, and I can’t remember how to make it be bigger. Here’s things that didn’t work:

Setting a ton of memory.
Setting Monitors to match the card size.
Resizing the preview rectangle. You can only resize it smaller.
Resizing the card window.
Clicking the zoom box.

As it’s a standalone application I can’t easily get at the stack, but feel sure there was a way to hack the stack out of a standalone.

Anyway, please enjoy the challenge of remembering this far back!

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