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On 6/30/2020 5:18 AM, Richmond via use-livecode wrote:
> Why does fontLanguage return ANSI for English language fonts instead 
> of romething like 'Roman'?
> There is a fundamental mismatch between 'ANSI' and Unicode.
> Richmond.
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I asked a similar question back on June 5th under the subject "Unicode 
and languages" and Mark Waddingham provided the following answer 
(essentially the fontLanguages function no longer applies)

Unicode doesn't deal in languages but 'scripts' e.g. English and French 
are both written in the Latin script, whereas Ukrainian can be written 
in either the Latin or Cyrillic script.

LiveCode gives you access to the unicode properties of all codepoints 
(as held by ICU) via the 'codepointProperty(codepoint, property)' function.

e.g. codepointProperty("A", "Script") => "Latin"
      codepointProperty(numToCodepoint(0x03B1), "Script") => "Greek"

This might at least help to cut out trying to spellcheck things which 
are definitely not the languages you do have dictionaries for.

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