What the heck? Writing and reading ios files??

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Hi Bill,

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> Folks:
> I’m having a very weird problem writing then reading the same file on ios. I must be missing something very basic. I’ve checked the path to the file when it is written and it matches exactly to the path when I try to read it. In the read routine, I check for the file’s existence and it says it doesn’t. But when I write the file and immediately check for the file’s existence (in the same handler), it says it exists. I’ve checked the path with the debugger and the path it writes to is exactly the same as the path it looks for the file in.
> I must be missing something very basic. It works on my dev system, but in the phone, it can’t find the files it just wrote. Is there some kind of permission needed? I’m stumped.
> Please enlighten me. There must be some really, really basic thing I’m missing. 
> Thanks,
> Bill
> --retrieves an arbitrary array from the waterdetective local storage folder
> ...
> function getPathToUserDocuments

## Use lowercase -> documents!

> put specialFolderPath("documents") into tPath
> ...

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