Chromebook apps?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Jun 22 14:52:21 EDT 2020

William Prothero wrote:

 > Probably HTML5 would be better, ultimately. But, I look at the HTML5
 > postings, limitations, and quirks and it would most likely require me
 > to become an expert in javascript and various server technologies that
 > put me over the interest level that would be required.

If your app doesn't depend on server tech beyond downloading, a web app 
wouldn't either.

That said, I hear you on this:

 > I’m fine with programming in livecode, but I don’t think the payoff
 > for me to get into HTML5 is worth what I would get out of it. My
 > programming is a combination of personal apps that I can use (like
 > managing my 6 water meters and fruit tree drip system) and updating a
 > plate tectonics app that students at UCSB use. My two sons are both
 > 5’th grade teachers, one of whom uses chromebooks in his school, so
 > collaborating with him on a nice app for his students is attractive,
 > but only so far.

Writing in HTML/CSS/JavaScript is a world apart from LiveCode.  When the 
business opportunity merits it, it can be rewarding (oh the joys of 
never needing to genuflect at an OS vendor's app store, or give up a 
third of your revenue for the privilege of their control).

And because the nature of the browser is so radically different from 
native app development, I agree that attempting to port LC stacks to the 
web via the Emscripten option is pretty much a non-starter for most 
things people have ever made in LC.

I haven't yet deployed to a Chromebook so I have nothing to offer there 
with regard to LC compatibility. But with the core of Android well 
represented in ChromeOS, I would hope it's no more difficult than 
deploying to a tablet.  Please keep us posted with what you learn.

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