Terence Heaford theaford at
Mon Jun 22 02:58:29 EDT 2020

That’s the solution I was thinking about.

It’s probably necessary to capture the screen image at a larger size for printing as I suspect otherwise the
printed output will be rather blurred.



> On 21 Jun 2020, at 13:46, Andrew at MidWest Coast Media <andrew at> wrote:
>> I am again looking at implementing Javascript charts within a LC browser.
>> Looking at amCharts.
>> Got a chart displaying easily within the browser widget.
>> Tries to print the card but the widget does not print.
> I’m using amCharts in another project and ran into the same problem: everything looked right in Live view but would disappear when I tried to print a PDF. The only way I could get them to appear right was by taking a picture of the browser and using that image instead of the live JavaScript in the browser (widget). I think hh keyed me into this with his epic knowledge of this tool
>       set the width of templateImage to the width of widget "Browser"
>       set the height of templateImage to the height of widget "Browser"
>       export snapshot from rect globalRect(the rect of widget "Browser") to tSnapshot as JPEG
>       create image “renderedBrowser"
>       set the visible of widget “Browser” to FALSE
>       put tSnapshot into image tSnapshotName
>       set the name of image tSnapshotName to tSnapshotName
>       set the loc of image tSnapshotName to the loc of widget “Browser"
> —Andrew Bell

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