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Sun Jun 21 15:35:23 EDT 2020

On 6/20/20 12:52 AM, Ludovic THEBAULT via use-livecode wrote:
> Nothing new this morning.
> But we are not alone !

I had a series of unhelpful responses to Apple dev support this weekend. Finally I got an 
answer: Apps will not process completely unless they have the beta entitlement checked. This is 
contradictory to the email you receive after processing is complete, which says "You can now 
use this build for TestFlight testing or submit it to the App Store." Also, the "issue" 
reported after an upload says that lack of a beta entitlement is a warning and we may want to 
fix it in the "next version" but it isn't required for this one.

I just built a new ipa with beta checked in Standalone Settings and it processed and became 
available in the Build section in the App Store. This undocumented change doesn't care whether 
you are using TestFlight or not, you must claim it as a beta release regardless.

I hate dealing with Apple. Our Android app was accepted in about 10 minutes without any 
problems, and is waiting for us to send it to the store. We've had to rewrite some of the 
silliest things to appease Apple and have been trying to pass review for the last 2 weeks. And, 
I should add, the uploads from last week did not require a beta entitlement, nor have any 
others at any time up to now.

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