Linux OAuth2 (was Browser Widget on Linux: how can it become possible to use?)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Jun 20 16:51:20 EDT 2020

Brian Milby wrote:

> I think it should be relatively easy to fix the OAuth2 library such that it
> works on Linux.  Currently it does use the browser widget for a better user
> experience, but it should be able to launch the URL and use the system's
> default browser.  Is there any interest in a PR for that type of fix for
> this issue (at least until the browser widget can be addressed).

Absolutely. Thank you. I owe you a beer.

> Also, I ran into a bug in the library this week where the auth code that
> was returned included something that was actually URL encoded.  The
> library then encoded it again which made things not work.  I actually found
> the bug report which provided the solution to the problem.  You can see the
> PR here:

Good work - thank you.

I don't mean to press my luck, but do you have any insight into why the 
Browser widget has been broken on Linux for the last few years? Or more 
specifically, what it might take to fix it?

Mark Wieder posted a link to a discussion on it, and while it did 
describe that the problem is non-trivial I have no idea if that means 
the Browser widget is abandoned in LC on Linux forever, or what it would 
take to address it.

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