Times ARE changing

Curry Kenworthy curry at pair.com
Mon Jun 8 11:32:18 EDT 2020

Times are hardly changing at all in substance, actually - this is 
nothing but a superficial change of costumes in society's grand parade 
of exquisite nonsense. Always a great pretense of love, always plenty of 
real hate and prejudice. The thugs and their victims do change in every 
Act of society's Play, fitting the fashions of the day, but either way 
it's still innocent people getting hurt.

For devotees of virtue signaling, let's cut to the chase - time to 
change your OWN names too! Lest Tom or Jane offend the perpetually 
triggered, not to mention the horror of David, Nancy, Joshua, or Billy 
with all the cultural skeletons that imaginative minds could attach to 
them. (I could, easily.) Let's be thorough and not stop half-way with 
the cultural lobotomy.

For those who love fake news and fictitious history, here's a true fact 
to completely ruin the day: I grew up deep in the real South (not the TV 
or novel versions) and heard a number of derogatory racial terms for all 
races including my own, but NEVER once Sambo. At least not by real live 
English speakers in that region - again, books and TV aside. The point 
of real derogatory terms would be to sound nasty and hurtful, and in 
most places where I've been, Sambo just wouldn't cut it. Sorry. Maybe it 
could have been a problem up in the North or out in California (I have 
no idea) but certainly not in the South where I was.

For book burners and those who love censorship, here's the ultimate 
downer: the glory of Gutenberg, still going strong!


Once enough people finally tire of pretense and corruption and control, 
the smart and honest people of every background can and will finally get 
on with the REAL business of a non-prejudiced society to benefit real 
people. And it won't be anything like the media/mob fantasy.

Speaking of cheese - even "Cheddar is better" or "I only own Provolone" 
would seem amazingly intellectual and relevant when compared to 
mind-numbing trends like this! But I dare say LiveCode topics would be 
even MORE relevant than either Sambo or the wonders of cheese! Not to 
mention talented/hilarious Vikings and glorious, marvelous sp*m....

Always in love, but always with some intelligence too,

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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