Datagrid Scrollers

Dan Friedman dan at
Thu Jun 4 11:23:00 EDT 2020

Hello!    I am having an issue with a DataGrid's scroller.   The DataGrid is in another group ("flyupMenu")  that is located off-screen at the bottom (the top of grp " flyupMenu " = the bottom of the card).   Then, when a button is clicked, "flyupMenu" is moved up into view.  At this point everything looks good.   However, you can't swipe the DataGrid to change the scroll.  It is nonresponsive or isn't there.   I found the DataGrid's scroller (it's the long id of the DataGrid), and it's location is the original position below the card.   I tried everything I can think of to "reset" the scroller, but nothing has worked.   I changed the size of the DataGrid, I set the rect of the scroller to the rect of the DataGrid, I reloaded the DataGrid's dgData... nothing has worked to get the scroller to respond to touch.

Any thoughts?

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