SHELL command works in Terminal but not via SHELL in LC

Klaus major-k klaus at
Wed Jun 3 07:13:27 EDT 2020

Hi friends,

maybe someone has a brilliant hint for me! :-)

A customer of mine has installed ffmpeg on his mac via Terminal:
1. google: homebrew
2. terminal: brew install ffmpeg
or whatever the command were...

Now ffmpeg is available on his Mac and something like:
ffmpeg -i Desktop/ffmpegMac/TiffSequence/Test_%5d.tif test2.mp4
is working as exspected.

However if he fires this in LC:
on mouseUp
 put shell("ffmpeg -i Desktop/ffmpegMac/TiffSequence/Test_%5d.tif test3.mp4")
end mouseUp

He gets: 
/bin/sh: line 1: ffmpeg: command not found

But this is working in the Terminal!?
What is going on here and how can this be fixed?
Does some environment or PATH variable need to be set additonally?

Thanks a lot in advance!



Klaus Major
klaus at

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