[ANN] Release 9.6.0

panagiotis merakos panos.merakos at livecode.com
Mon Jun 1 11:16:02 EDT 2020

Dear list members,

We are pleased to announce the release of LiveCode 9.6.0.

Getting the Release
You can get the release at https://downloads.livecode.com/livecode/ or via
the automatic updater.

Release Contents
LiveCode 9.6.0 comes with more than 120 changes since the last stable
release (9.5.1) including:

New Features
  - Support for Storyboard launch images and backgrounds on iOS
  - Support for using the flash as a torch in the Android Barcode Scanner
  - Support for building with Xcode 11.4, using the iOS 13.4 SDK
  - New tsNet and mergExt builds, built with the iOS 13.4 SDK
  - The mobile player control has been updated to use the AVKit framework
on iOS. This fixes a lot of existing bugs, including some new issues on iOS
13+ devices.
  - The mobile browser control has been updated to use the WebKit framework
on iOS. This provides better performance on iOS devices.
  - The "open printing to pdf ..." command can now be used to direct
printing to a PDF output file on Android devices.
  - New CEF build is included, which addresses rendering issues with the
browser widget in some 32bit Windows devices.
  - New "focusModes" and "focusMode" properties are implemented for the
Android camera control.
  - The ability to pass "detailed-utf8" to the files() and folders()
function to preserve unicode filenames has been added.
  - Support for merging activity attributes is added in the Android
Manifest Merging mechanism
  - New text to speech library for iOS, Android and MacOS (Indy/Business
  - Improved text rendering on Android
  - Objective-C block support in LCB
  - Ability to detect dark mode on MacOS, iOS and Android
  - Improvements on mobilePickPhoto on Android, including support for front
  - Ability to highlight none of the icons in the navigation bar widget

Bug Fixes:

  - Significant performance improvement when saving stacks on Windows
  - Improvements in the Windows FFI in LCB
  - Fixes to drag-drop on macOS and Windows
  - Windows camera control now produces much higher quality output

For the full list of all fixes, updates and enhancements please see the
release notes:

Known issues
- The Browser widget's native layer is not shown in some Linux distros with
Cinnamon window manager.
- The use of the Browser widget is not supported on Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit LTS
- The mergSettings external still uses the UIWebView API on iOS, so
checking "mergSettings" in the Inclusions pane will cause an AppStore
rejection, since Apple no longer accepts new apps that use UIWebView.

Required Software
To build iOS apps with LiveCode you must have the appropriate versions of
Xcode as follows:

  - macOS 10.13.4: Xcode 10.1 - LiveCode builds iOS apps using the iOS 12.1
  - macOS 10.14.4: Xcode 11.3.x - LiveCode builds iOS apps using the iOS
13.2 SDK
  - macOS 10.15.2: Xcode 11.4.x - LiveCode builds iOS apps using the iOS
13.4 SDK

There is a full list of working LiveCode/macOS/Xcode combinations here:

Note: Whilst we endeavour to release updated versions of LiveCode
supporting the latest Xcode/iOS SDKs as quickly as possible; we strongly
recommend disabling automatic update of Xcode or downloading the specific
version of Xcode required directly from the Apple developer portal and
installing it separately.

Important: Since the end of April 2020, Apple is only accepting new apps
built using iOS13 SDKs. Updates to existing apps can be built using iOS12
SDKs until the end of June 2020. This means that, if you wish to submit new
apps to the AppStore, you will have to be running at least macOS 10.14 in
order to be able to install the necessary version of Xcode.

Please report any bugs encountered on our quality center at

We have a forum available for discussing LiveCode Builder at

Have fun!
The LiveCode Team


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