Object naming

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Mon Jul 27 15:47:12 EDT 2020

On 27/07/2020 16:33, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
> There are many ways to refer to things.  The simplest is to use 
> unambiguous names for things that matter.
Is there an unambiguous name in this case ? And if so, what is it :-) ?

A group "A" contains a rectangle "R", and a (sub)group "B". "B" also 
contains a rectangle "R". (btw - "B" also may contain a subgroup "C", 
and it too will have a rectangle "R", and ....).

There is an unambiguous name for the 'most nested' "R", but there 
doesn't seem to be for the other "R"s. I had expected (or perhaps just 
hoped) that using a long name would first try to find an exact match, 
and if that failed it would then find the closest inexact match - but 
that sadly was just a hope.

I could (and probably will) use IDs but that doesn't work for 
duplicating the group - you need to either go in and adjust a script / 
custom property OR have the group's script find the IDs.

Or - am I'm missing something ?


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