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I think that Mark solution is the correct one but I couldn't resist telling
you some other idea, one that is only applicable if performance is not a

You can add custom properties to controls you want to find later and then
look for them by looping everyone in the card. A reusable short function
can be created with whatever letter you want, like "q", and code similar to

function q selector, value
  repeat with x = 1 to the number of controls in this card
    if the selector of control x of this card is value then
      return the long id of control x of this card
    end if
  end repeat
end function

And then you can go:

put q("blue-rect", "true") into tLongID

You can even have something like "qq" that returns a list of long ids for
all the controls that match that query. Caching these results is the best
architecture, on preOpenCard you can find all the controls you'll need and
place them in script local arrays, then all the functions that need them
can peek into those arrays.

It is a bit convoluted but allows for some clever programming. Remembering
that "clever" is one of the trickster spirits of the software development


On Mon, 27 Jul 2020 at 01:33, Alex Tweedly via use-livecode <
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> I think my head is melting :-)
> I have a group called 'A'.
> Inside A, there is a rect called "R" and also a group called "B"
> inside B there is a rect called "R"
> How do I refer unambiguously to the first rectangle (i.e. A - R, not A -
> B - R) ?
> If I say
>     grc "R" of grp "B" of grp A
> then I unambiguously get A-B-R; but if I say simply
>     grc "R" of grp "A"
> then I *also* get A-B-R.
> There must be a way to do this (and maybe if it wasn't nearly 2 in the
> morning I would be able to figure it out).
> Help! Please !
> Alex.
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