Functions running in IDE, but not running in standalone

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Sun Jul 26 17:29:15 EDT 2020


 > comment-out all the instances where I am using a libURL command
 > or function, save as a standalone, and and see what happens.

Now you need to follow through on your diagnosis. It will not be 
efficient to quickly abandon a sound diagnosis and search for something 
else. People do that too often. Trust logic! Trust math. Stick with it.

The "can't find handler" error is very specific. It doesn't allow us 
infinite freedom to interpret the cause. Assuming the error message 
itself is correct, that leaves only a few possible direct causes: the 
(appropriate) Internet Library isn't loaded, handler isn't in the 
message path, handler name misspelling, etc.

So keep looking at the AREA of inclusions AND related issues - you have 
NOT ruled those out yet! It's not about trying one specific possibility 
in that area, and then giving up on the area. It's about knowing that 
your problem is almost certainly in that area, so you focus your hunt in 
that area to efficiently find the culprit.

Since your product is over 10 years old, make sure your mainstack 
doesn't have any old versions of Internet library accidentally embedded, 
for example. Or back to the inclusions. Something that prevents a good 
app build, or a matter of timing before everything is loaded.

Since Matthias was able to get the same error message, you should also 
try a new sample stack with libURLSetSSLVerification, like he did. That 
would remove a lot of other variables for a clean test building with 
your IDE.

And as he suggested, you should open a support ticket, if you haven't.

There have been some changes to the libraries over the years that can 
cause problems, so checking your libURL calls would be a good idea if 
that's where the evidence pointed. Still not a bad idea to double-check 
the calls. LC error reporting is not 100% accurate, and I've seen weird 
things happen.

But it's not where the evidence points. I would place my bet on the 
"inclusions and related" area; it's the likely winner with overwhelming 
odds. Since you have the "can't find handler" error message (if that's 
still the error you have) and since there's the IDE vs standalone 
evidence, that's a lot of evidence.

So it is the most likely road to lead to a solution. And that's where 
you should focus more of your efforts, if you want to solve this 
quickly. You haven't ruled it out; you've only started on it. Follow 
through! Unless you can PROVE at runtime that Internet Library is loaded 
in your standalone and that libURLSetSSLVerification is in the message 
path of the calling handler, that's still your problem. :)

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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