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Tom Glod tom at
Tue Jul 7 13:46:31 EDT 2020

Hi Folks,

For years I have owned the domain "". At one point I lost
it, but decided to buy it again a few months ago.

I called it that because I often found myself saying "I love livecode"....
while working inside of it, due to its massive strong points in desktop app

Recently,I am seeing the glaring need in the community (also touched on by
recent threads):

I don't have a ton of time to spend on it, but thanks to modern tools, I
don't need lots of time.

Here are my goals:

For to be a "modern" central hub for:

LC News
Member Post Feed
(Up-to-date) Educational resources
Code snippets
Sample Files
Events / Online & Live
Community Polls (to help livecode inc to understand us better)
Communication between members (forums / PMs)
Developer Directory (And maybe project submission for developer bids??)
and Ad space for anyone whose target market is LC Developers.

Please give me a quick reply
1. If this interests you.
2. And If you would like to be involved with it

Also, please forward to anyone you feel may be interested.

Thank you.

tom at @

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