WebSites made using Livecode.

Alex Tweedly alex at
Mon Jul 6 05:27:07 EDT 2020

Hi Hery,

not sure if you've received any pointers to actual sites yet :-).

Here are a few I've made :

most interesting of them - but since all events are cancelled this year, 
it's currently less interesting than other times :-) All made with my 
own CMS for LC; flat file text and text database, so really trivial 
installation, and very little attack surface (no PHP, no SQL)

done with Ralf's revigniter framework.

not quite a 'modern' website.  Done with a very simple LC server script 
some years ago. The artist said "I want a retro appearance. I make stone 
sculptures to last 200-2000 years - I don't want a website that changes 
every 2 year". :-)


On 06/07/2020 00:53, Rick Harrison via use-livecode wrote:
> Hi Hery,
> You can set up your Livecode Server to work
> with your database directly on the same computer.
> You do not need PHP at all for anything.  In fact
> if you look at your server log files you will see that
> China hacker bots are heavily searching for PHP
> and when they can’t find it they even try to install
> it so they can continue hacking away.
> Livecode Server is fun!
> Good luck!
> Rick
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