Animation Engine: speed tips

Alex Tweedly alex at
Thu Jul 2 15:35:06 EDT 2020

On 01/07/2020 02:52, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode wrote:
> Did you use acceleratedRendering? Set it to true and set the layermode 
> of each moving object to dynamic. I'd be curious to see if there's a 
> difference.
Hadn't  tried those until now. There is a difference - but not the kind 
I'd hoped for :-)

Full script is below with detailed time, but the summary is:
- acceleratedRendering made things much worse (50% to 90% slower)
- dynamic layerMode made things a little bit better (5% to 15%).

If the circle was moving over a plain background, improvement was only 
5%-ish, while if moving over multiple other shapes, it gave a better 

Here's the full snippet of the script involved (other cases obvious :-)

>   set the acceleratedRendering of this stack to false
>    set the layermode of grc "g1" to "static"
>    repeat 3 times
>       put 100,400 into tmp
>       put the millisecs into tim1
>       repeat 100 times
>          add 1 to item 1 of tmp
>          set the loc of grc "g1" to tmp
>          wait 0 with messages
>       end repeat
>       put the acceleratedRendering of this stack && \
>             the layermode of grc "g1" \
>             && the millisecs-tim1 &CR after gLog
>    end repeat
>    put CR after gLog

Here are the times for each of the cases, moving 100 times

false static 192
false static 154
false static 155

true static 285
true static 332
true static 249

true dynamic 265
true dynamic 255
true dynamic 309

false dynamic 131
false dynamic 134
false dynamic 149


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