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Fri Jan 31 22:13:29 EST 2020

hh wrote:

>> Richard G. wrote:
>> I'm seeing a growing number of JS->WASM converters out there ...
> Where? Please cite some.

My bad: the pages I'd seen in listings turn out to be more, shall we 
say, aspirational.

And the more I read about WASM the less it seems some sort of magic pony 
I'd imagined it to be, more complex to compile to and of more limited 
value than I'd thought.

Apparently Emscripten has a WASM output option, but it's not as simple 
as flipping a checkbox.

So I'm no longer in the Waiting for WASM camp; JIT compilation in both 
Firefox and Chrome is pretty good as-is, and WASM makes a fine sidecar 
for some tasks previously written in C++ but doesn't do much for JS work.

>> ... seemingly  designed to replace a JS lib with a WASM version
>> that is functionally  identical, just smaller and faster.
>> I'm wondering if anyone has tried this with the generated JS
>> version of the LC engine.
> Have you ever looked into that generated js file?
> It is extremely hard to adjust manually anything -- that's probably
> why LC has until now not even support for the modifier keys in HTML5
> though that's very simple to get directly from js.
> So a "converter" that requires manual adjustments is useless.

I certainly wasn't advocating manual work, just has an over-caffeinated 
moment of unwarranted optimism with regard to the state of WASM tools 
and its role.

After my evening's reading I'm over it now.  There is no magic pony.

Thanks for the roadside sobriety check on the Information Superhighway. :)

Richard Gaskin
Fourth World Systems

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