does this PNG have transparency?

Phil Davis phil at
Fri Jan 24 17:35:20 EST 2020

Maybe this? It seems to work in my simple testing. Am I missing something?

on mouseUp
     answer file "Pick an image:"
     if it is empty then exit to top
     set the filename of img "my test" to it

     put numtochar(0) into tZero
     put (tZero is in the alphaData of img "my test") OR (tZero is in 
the maskData of img "my test")
end mouseUp


On 1/24/20 1:48 PM, Phil Davis via use-livecode wrote:
> I usually make things harder than they need to be, so I'm asking: Is 
> there a simple way my LC code can determine if a PNG image is 
> completely opaque or not?
> Thanks -
> Phil

Phil Davis

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