Apple Mac menubar?

Paul McClernan paulmcclernan at
Tue Jan 21 19:43:13 EST 2020

I'm not sure which is more complete updated,
Trevor's nssystem-status-bar LCB or the LCB that comes with LC IDE, or are
they the same code?

A few years back I was able to combine an AppleScript (AppleScriptObjC)
Applet with an LiveCode App living inside it's bundle and have them talk to
each other via AppleScript/AppleEvents (that's when I noticed that
AppleScript/dictionary bug in LC where it doesn't give your standalone an
AppleScript dictionary). Anyway, It had some interesting differences /
problems from doing a NSStatusMenu App the "proper" way. I haven't
revisited the idea since now we have proper LCB module alternatives.

If you're going to make an Status Menu bar  ONLY app and you don't want the
LC app icon to show in the macOS Dock, then there's a key that you have to
add to your app's info.plist.
The key is  LSUIElement boolean YES

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