Thumbnail on txt file?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Jan 19 19:43:26 EST 2020

Michael Kristensen wrote:

 > I Livecode I want to take a snapshot of part of the screen, and
 > that snapshot I want to use as thumbnail for the txt file.
 > In that way I can see what the txt file represent.

Does the file have to be a text file specifically?  How will it be used?

If your app is the only one that will be using it, you could use an 
array to represent the data, with one key for the text and another for 
the thumbnail.

Then again, Bill Prothero raised a good point when he noted that 
thumbnail of text is often too small to give any indication of the content.

If that's the case here, perhaps whatever needs these small 
representations could display the first X number of words of the text to 
give the user some idea about what the text contains.

But all of this is just guessing.  It would be most helpful to know how 
these files will be used.

Richard Gaskin
Fourth World Systems

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