Can't add substack

Paul Dupuis paul at
Fri Jan 17 16:35:27 EST 2020

On 1/17/2020 3:36 PM, Mark Wieder via use-livecode wrote:
> It has ever been thus. Substacks can't have substacks.
> It's an unfortunate feature of the architecture and would require some 
> er... fixing... to change that.

This is one enhancement - allowing nested stacks - that I would very 
much welcome. In our Apps stacks often represent windows, but windows 
may often have dialogs (other stacks) associated with them. It would be 
nice to be able to structure this accordingly other than by a naming 
convention for the stacks.

   - Substack (window)
      - Substack (custom dialog for this window)
        - Substack (icon, image, and media resources for the dialog)
    - Substack (another window)
     - Substack (custom dialog for this window)
     - Substack (floating tool palette for this window)


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