strange problems with SEND

Klaus major-k klaus at
Fri Jan 17 10:46:06 EST 2020

HI all,

I want to execute a handler in the future -> tomorrow at 8:00 AM
So I scripted:
put the date into tDatum
convert tDatum from date to dateitems
add 1 to item 3 of tDatum
put 8 into item 4 of tDatum
   ## dateitems:
   # 1. the year
   # 2. the month number
   # 3. the day of the month
   # 4. the hour in 24-hour time
   # 5. the minute
   # 6. the second
   # 7. the numeric day of the week where Sunday is day 1, Monday is day 2, and so forth 

convert tDatum from dateitems to seconds
put tDatum - the seconds into tNeuesDatum
send "checkabfrage" to me in tNeuesDatum secs
put the result into checkabfrage_id   
Looks OK in the debugger, tNeuesdatum is something like 58000, which is correct.

However, when I query "the pendingmessages" this message shows up as:
39440,3158550744.943945,onlinekursinfo,stack "/xxx.livecode"

But 3158550744.943945 as "delivery" time resolves (convert) to: 
long system date -> Sonntag, 2. Februar 2070
long date -> Sunday, february 2, 2070?
date -> 2/2/70

Is this broken somehow or am I missing something?
Any insight appreciated!


Klaus Major
klaus at

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