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Eller, Roger roger.e.eller at sealedair.com
Fri Jan 17 09:40:34 EST 2020

Hi Roger,

I don't have a suggestion.  Just wanted to say that I too would value such an option, especially in an Android app.  My use-case is to mount an IP camera on an RC Lawnmower, and using VR goggles, control it form a first-person point-of-view; Essentially, simulating a riding mower experience from inside the house where the air-conditioning is.  🙂

That said, it may depend on the type of IP camera, and whether or not the vendor provides a web-view instead of their own proprietary software.


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I would like to build an app that displays various IP cameras I have operating around my home, but having no success. I can get the IP addresses and ports for each camera but the browser shows nothing.

Mac Catalina and LC 9.5.1

Any hints/help greatly appreciated.



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