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> On 1/14/20 9:46 AM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
> > Beyond backup across versions (since that's widely available in most
> > cloud storage for even binary files), that Git features do you find most
> > valuable?
> >
> As in Trevor's description, the advantage of being able to create new
> branches for experimental work can't be overstated.
> Consider: you have a working project and want to try making some changes
> that may or may not work. And that may or may not stop existing things
> from working. Or maybe you just want to try some A-B testing and be able
> to create two different versions. Or create a new version and be able to
> do some performance benchmarking.
> All without messing with your existing product code.
> If it works you can merge the branch into the main code. If not then
> just dump the branch and you haven't lost anything except some time.
> I also use tagging in git to set release values, so that I can easily
> see what's changed from one release to the next.

I'll toss in an amen to both of these points (testing optimizations, etc.
and tagging releases). I use Tower as my Git GUI with Kaleidoscope for
diffs. I can easily see a diff of all files that have changed between two
releases because I tag the commit that was current at release time of each

Trevor DeVore

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