FYI: Cause found for LC crashing to desktop when Browser widget opens PDF

matthias_livecode_150811 at matthias_livecode_150811 at
Tue Jan 14 12:56:43 EST 2020


maybe this is of use for the one or the other.
in any case LC crashes on Mac to desktop when opening a PDF in the Browser Widget and your are getting crazy because of that,  then check if Acrobat software is installed on your system.

A few days ago i mentionend in an answer to an other post, that   LC 9.5/9.6 and also standalones created with that versions, but not LC8, crash to desktop when one opens a PDF in the Browser Widget. 

I contacted support, as i was pretty sure that this worked in the past.

As this only happened on my iMac, but not on my Macbook, i decided to completely erase the hard disk of my iMac and reinstall the OS and all needed LC stuff, because i had to finish some important work and waiting for an answer from support or continuing on the Macbook was not an option for me. 

I planned to install the other software one after the other  when i needed it.

All went well and the problem with the PDF in the widget did not happen anymore. Today i needed to install Acrobat DC for some tasks.
An hour later or so i received an answer from support and one question from Dev team was if by any chance Acrobat software is/was installed on my machine.

I tried again in LC and the crash happened again. After uninstalling Acrobat DC the crashes did not happen anymore. 

I reported this back to support.

Of course not using Acrobat DC anymore is no final solution, but for the moment it´s a workaround and hopefully the Dev team finds out what exactly is going wrong with.


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