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>> This has been the case since version 1!
> Yes, back before Apple encouraged us to reverse the behavior to make Macs act more like iPhones. And I think on Windows and Linux it still acts as before.
> Imagine a scrolling field with its scroll set to zero. Click underneath the thumb, or if you're not on Mac, click the lower down arrow. The field scrolls one increment (page or line) and now its scroll is no longer zero, it has incremented by one lineheight or pageheight.
> Click the top arrow, or click above the thumb, and the field scroll decrements back to zero.
> When Apple decided to make us use fields like mobile apps do, the behavior reversed. I never did get used to that so I've kept my Mac scrollers the old way.

"Little Arrows" work differently than a "normal" scrollbar.
e.G. if you enter an ENDVALUE and STARVALUE in the inspector, the "littel Arrows"
object gets DISABLED and does not work anymore and the possible parameter 
"pNewPosition" does not have any meaning with "Littel Arrows".

Therefore one need to set these values back to 0 and script something like
(for my ecamp0le to IN/DEcrease a field value by one):
on scrollbarLineInc
   if fld 2 > 1 then
     ## We canot go lower than 1
      subtract 1 from fld 2
   end if
end scrollbarLineInc

on scrollbarLineDec
   if fld 2 < 11 then
      ## We cannot go higher than 10
      add 1 to fld 2
   end if
end scrollbarLineDec
## See the "swapped" scripting, which is neccessary for my example.

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