empty variable

JB sundown at pacifier.com
Fri Jan 3 13:19:20 EST 2020

What if I have secure info like a password stored
in a local variable and then I clear that info by
putting empty into that local variable.

How secure is that procedure?  I understand a
local variable does not retain the info after the
code finishes but I am concerned about any
info left in memory.

In the c language to clear the memory you set
all of the blocks to null.  That is because it is
more secure than doing something like putting
empty into the variable.

So the question is when I put empty into a local
variable I know when you access that variable it
will return empty but if it has not been set to null
then is it possible for someone to read the blocks
of memory and get anything back.  In c if you set
all of the blocks to null and not just the first block
then you have eliminated the chance of someone
recovering the info.  Is there a secure way to clear
a variable in Livecode?


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